We are extremely proud that Broadstone Christian Nursery was rated Outstanding in our last Ofsted inspection. Here is what Ofsted said about us.


We are extremely proud that Broadstone Christian Nursery was rated Outstanding in our last Ofsted inspection. Here is what Ofsted said about us.

"Staff have high expectations of what children can achieve and quickly adapt activities to include and challenge each child individually"

Ofsted August 2015 (Awarded Outstanding)

"Children relish their time at the setting. They enjoy affectionate, sensitive and caring relationships, with staff who know them extremely well and inspire them with their own enthusiasm."

Ofsted December 2009 (Awarded Outstanding)

Evaluations from Professionals to the nursery...
"It was good to see that all the children seemed to get involved and I think that is testament to the great atmosphere created in the nursery by the staff." October 2017
"How important the Christian aspect is in teaching the children in the nursery." October 2017
"This is the kind of nursery I would love to send my own children to. The children were all so happy, polite and being perfectly prepared for school. The staff are all brilliant with the children." September 2017
Professional students visiting nursery...
"I had a great time interacting with the staff and children. Definitely learnt a lot as well. Watching how kind the carers are to each child. Interacting with children aged 2-4 yrs old and developing a relationship in a short period of time. Children are more capable at being independent than I had imagined. Don't underestimate a child within one age group because they're all different." October 2018
"I have had some really great experiences with the children and wish I could stay longer." October 2017
"I like how well behaved the children are and how they know how to take turns with each other." October 2017
"From a medical student perspective, it was perfect opportunity to assess a child's development - seeing how a child's gross motor, fine motor, speech, language and communication skills have developed in comparison with their peers and at what stage of development in these areas they are expected to have achieved by their age." September 2017
Parent evaluations transition to school October 2018

Every September / October we send out an evaluation form to the parents whose children have just moved onto school, asking the question "Do you feel the skills your child developed at nursery helped him / her in the transition to school?"

The parents are asked if yes or no please state why / how and what we can do to improve as well as any suggestions or other comments.

This evaluation form has proved to be an invaluable piece of evidence not only for our own self-development but also for Ofsted.

Comments received so far are:-

"... after a first week at school is able to write numbers 1-10. I'm sure it is not just thanks to school but all those hours he had been practicing in nursery. How to hold a pen and follow the lines." October 2018
"You are brilliant - no improvement needed." October 2018
"... has settled into his new school beautifully. He has been very well prepared for new challenge. Thank you so much." October 2018
"The nursery helped with toilet training, good table manners, blowing nose, social skills, helping others, sharing, reading, counting and encouraged an inquisitive mind." October 2018
"Absolutely. We already knew the activities, learning and development undertaken at BCN during ... early years had helped her prepare and transition to school with confidence and excitement but having been to the foundation meeting during the first few weeks at school this has certainly been evident; so many aspects/methods/approaches will be mirrored this year. A few examples include phonics, dough disco and developing motor skills. I am certain the skills and awareness that BCN has helped nurture and instil in both ... and her peers will become very apparent to school as it has to us. We could not have chosen a better nursery or start for our daughter." October 2018
"Yes ... has started school with lots of confidence attributed to the personal and social skills she has been able to develop at nursery. She has also gone in with a firm foundation of knowledge towards the curriculum taught at school" October 2018
"Just to say thank you for all your work in helping our son in his journey to school. He has had the best start and a positive outlook to learning." October 2018
"it is very difficult to improve such a good service." October 2018
"yes she was prepared for moving to school with routine and eating. She was also very used to circle time, sounds, stories and independently toileting." October 2018
"Broadstone Christian Nursery did an outstanding job in helping our son's transition to school. The daily routines of nursery such as identifying name card, looking at the date, weather, learning letters and sounds, and colours. Along with behaviour, such as sitting nicely during snack and lunchtime and circle time. The wide range of activities the nursery provides and the close link to the school is first class." October 2018
"Our daughter is able to listen at circle time, has patience and good listening skills developed. She comes home very often with stickers from school as reward for tidying. I cannot add anything regarding the educational service provided by Broadstone Christian Nursery, I have to say it is the most comprehensive one which I've met here. I would say as an example the Links Care Home visits which made empathetic with elderly. Thank you very much for all your care over our daughter's early childhood." October 2018
And who better to tell you about Broadstone Christian Nursery than some of the parents... here’s just a small sample of their comments from our recent parent survey:
"Thank you so much for all your love and care towards ... she has loved being a part of BCN. It is a very special place because of the hard work, effort and love from the team." July 2018
"... has loved and enjoyed every moment at nursery. You helped him learn so much. He's grown into an independent and confident boy ready to start school in September." July 2018
"Thank you so much for all your hard work for us over the last 2 years. BCN is a very special place! We have loved being part of it." July 2018
"Thank you for taking such good care of ... she has grown so much and love coming home to tell us what she's been up to at nursery." July 2018
"Excellent nursery. Keep doing what you are doing." March 2018
"... and ... both settled really well at nursery and their confidence increased hugely due to the lovely setting, caring and kind staff. I did a 2 hour round trip so I could keep them at Broadstone Christian Nursery as I was so happy with the nursery and the care provided." December 2017
"Thank you for making ... Feel very welcome and giving him the skills and confidence for school." December 2017
"We really appreciate everything you have done and we believe you gave him a fantastic start to his educational learning and development." October 2017
"Broadstone Christian Nursery continues to offer a nurturing, safe and fun environment. Our son has been helped to develop, explore, imagine, create and investigate. He has been given the confidence to try. You will be clearly missed by us all." July 2017
"Always excellent. The children are always encouraged to grow educationally even masked through play. The documentation of their progress is second to none, excellent. Preparation for attending school is first class." July 2017
"We are really happy with the service you provide and moving ... to BCN was the best decision we made." July 2017
"Thank you for being a great nursery, you do a fab job." July 2017
"Thank you really doesn't seem enough after two years. We really appreciate all you have done... you have made a massive contribution to his social skills and development." August 2016
"Thank you so much for providing such great support and guidance to our children." August 2016
"Thank you for looking after me. You are 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 great teachers and all very kind." August 2016
"The staff are kind, experienced and our son thrives from the structure, activities, learning and interaction (from both the children and staff). BCN considers all aspects of our son's development and helps us as parents to understand how we can compliment that at home." March 2016
"Thank you so much for all the love and patience that you have shown our child. You truly have a wonderful team of staff." July 2015
"Thank you for everything you've done for (child's name) over the years, You will have a very special place in my heart." July 2015
"Thank you very much for giving (child's name) such a wonderful start to her education. She has thoroughly enjoyed her time with you at BCN." July 2015
"... he really has changed into an amazing little chap and that is down to all your amazing hard work, we cannot thank you enough you are truly amazing." April 2015
"Because there is a lot of happiness. Every single time when we come to the Nursery I heard laughing and all the staff were kind and welcoming. We love this Nursery because it is well organised and is always tidy and clean." January 2015
"Where do we start? This last year has been an amazing year-joining nursery in September, his 1st Nativity and everything he has learnt whilst with you. All of this was made possible due to your continued enthusiasm, your inspirational teaching, your patience and knowledge and your love of children." December 2014
"She has developed so much in the past year and a half, and no small part of that is down to you and the team." June 2014
"She has made such a positive improvement in all areas since being with you, which everybody has noticed." May 2014
"Thank you so much for all your hard work and support and patience in settling him into Nursery you have been so understanding, accommodating and amazing..." February 2014
"Thank you so very much for all you have done over the last couple of years. He has loved his time with you all and his readiness for school is largely down to your love and support." September 2013


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