New beginnings - off to school. Published article from Broadstone Christian Nursery

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New beginnings - off to school

Published article from Broadstone Christian Nursery

Your 4 year old is starting on a new exciting journey. Full of mixed emotions for both child and parent. Moving onto a new stage in their life, growing up, becoming more independent and making their own friends.
Try not to show your child that you are anxious or upset about them starting school (at least not in front of them).
Be positive, pre-empt any anxieties by helping them to be independent and settle quickly:-

  1. Talking about their new school, their teacher, their friends (new and old) as well as the exciting things they will be doing and learning - create positive feelings
  2. Let your children practise putting on their new uniforms. Easy items to put on and take off by themselves e.g. velcro shoes
  3. Label all your child’s items - show your child their labels and where they are on the items
  4. Recognise own name in print
  5. Practice using a knife and fork to eat hot lunches with. Opening their own lunch boxes and it’s contents
  6. Teach them to be confident to ask for the toilet and be able to wipe themselves properly, washing and drying hands afterwards
  7. Have a good bedtime routine so they are not tired for school.
  8. Read stories to them and share books
  9. Understand sharing, listening and being quiet for a short time
  10. Encourage your child to tidy up their toys after them

Children will be adjusting to new routines so they will be very tired to begin with, even if they have been attending a childcare setting - tiredness may affect their behaviour to begin with. Be patient they will need reassurance and love.


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